Regulatory Advocacy Services

AEM Group will help your organization navigate all the regulatory organizations that have a stake in your project. We can provide the guidance and education your organzation needs to check all the regulatory boxes.

Advocacy Services

AEMG Group can help your organization navigate and adhere to the who spectrum of federal, municipal and state environmental regulations. Below is just an sampling of the various applications, permits and trainings we can assist your organization or business with.


Applications & Permits:

Air Quality permit to construct
Wastewater discharge
Stormwater discharge
Wetlands construction

Environmental Planning

Pollution incident prevention
APC preventative maintenance
Emergency response
Hazardous waste management
Universal waste management
Stormwater pollution prevention
TSCA management
7(a) due care
Integrated contingency
Waste reduction and recycling
Odor abatement
Fugitive dust abatement
Spill prevention control & countermeasure
Preventive maintenance Slug prevention
Used oil management
Work plans Remedial action (RAP)
Corrective action (CAP)
QA/QC plans (QAPP)
Health and safety (HASP)
Sampling analysis (SAP)



Soil and groundwater remediation
Lead and asbestos remediation
Aquifer testing
Preconstruction/demolition surveys
Construction/demolition oversight
Phase I/Phase II ESA
Wetland delineations
Spill management response
UST closures


Worker right-to-know
Lock-out, tag-out; confined space
Stormwater pollution prevention
Health & Safety regulatory overview
Environmental compliance