Project Management

AEM Group leverages the expertise of its professional staff through leadership, teamwork, and an efficient project management team approach for our clients.

This team approach allows us to bring to bear the unique technical knowledge of individual project management  staff and at the same time provide an environment which enables project managers to support each other and share best practices. The team briefs the company directors weekly on project status.

The project management team discusses each new project, identifies task managers, and assigns technical specialist staff. The regular meetings and contacts among our project managers helps ensure that each project is completed efficiently using the right mix of people and that no project interferes with another’s timeline.

Our project management team staff’s background includes training and certifications as professional engineers, certified hazardous materials managers, ISO 14001 lead auditors, industrial wastewater operators, certified stormwater operators, CVI-authorized users, and lead, asbestos and mold inspectors and managers.