ISO 14000 is a family of international voluntary management standards that are intended to help an organization develop the elements of a successful environmental management system (EMS). Many companies who do work in both the United States of America and abroad have adopted this set of standards to demonstrate their commitment to an international consensus regarding the need for environmental protection.

To help assure you that your ISO 14001 EMS conforms to the ISO standards, we have senior staff, who in addition to their decades of practical experience, are trained ISO 14001 lead auditors.

Program development assistance:

  • Help you build a conforming EMS
  • Conduct gap assessments, internal audits, and readiness reviews
  • Provide practical advice on how to build a sensible EMS based on what you actually do
  • Help you resolve major and minor nonconformity
  • Conduct review seminars of ISO 14001 standards
  • Provide ISO 14001 awareness training

Implementation assistance:

  • Coach a facility throughout the ISO 14001 registration process
  • Identify aspects, impacts, and evaluate significance
  • Identify targets and objectives
  • Develop conforming supplier communication and training programs
  • Audit documents (desk audit) for ISO 14001 conformance
  • Conduct 3-year audits
  • Help resolve disputes with your registrar