GSA Contract Information

Our founder, Amarjit Sidhu, took his education in Systems Science and applied it to his real-world experience as a state-level environmental regulator and as an environmental consultant in the commercial sector. His vision is to use a transparent systems approach to provide best management practices adapted to local situations through superb science, engineering, and common sense. Every project has a clearly planned approach, regular person-to-person communication with clients, and timely completion of contract requirements.

GSA Contract Information for GS-10F-0338X

Contact: Our GSA Program Manager will be happy to discuss your project with you. See Using the GSA Environmental Services Schedule (below) for details.

Location: AEM Group is in Southeast Michigan, barely a 25-minute drive to Detroit Metro Airport, and within four hours of the entire continental United States.

Special item number (SIN) 899-1: Environmental consulting services

For example:

  • Archaeological/Cultural Resource Management Plans
  • Environmental program management
  • Environmental regulation development
  • Identification and mitigation of threats
  • NEPA Environmental Impact Statements
  • Sustainability assessments
  • Technical and risk analyses
  • Waste minimization studies
  • Watershed and other natural resource management plans

GSA Advantage’s Environmental Services portal is the gateway to Schedule 899 services, including contractor lists sorted by SINs, and other FAQs and instructions.

Using the GSA Environmental Services schedule

We accept government purchase cards for any size contract.

  • Minimum contract size: $100
  • Maximum contract size: $5M

There are quantity discounts for contracts over $100,000 and over $500,000. Please contact Mr. Sidhu for details.

If the order is $3000 or less

  1. Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW), if applicable.
  2. Place your order directly. For example, e-mail your SOW to our GSA Program Manager, who will be happy to discuss your project with you.

If the order is more than $3000

  1. Start at
  2. Choose the vendors you want to personally notify. (Everyone else in the category will still be able to respond to your RFP or RFQ.)
  3. Create the RFP or RFQ online, including open time.
  4. Receive and review proposals or quotes.
  5. Choose the vendor with the best value.

What does “best value” mean?

Best value sometimes means the lowest price, but not always. When you are shopping for commodities, the lowest price is quite likely to be the best value. When you are shopping for service—for knowledge and expertise and the ability to get the job done completely and correctly—best value factors in knowledge and expertise, the percentage of jobs completed on time and within budget, and our location in relation to yours.