Goods & Services

Your straightforward, yet friendly, approach to these [ARRA] inspections was very much appreciated by [government agency] and the communities. Your knowledge of the Davis-Bacon and “Buy American” components of ARRA was impressive, but we never felt that you were talking down to us about these matters. You had a job to do and did it very well.

—M. W.,

NAICS codes

  • 541620 Environmental consulting services (primary)
  • 541330 Engineering services
  • 541380 Professional, scientific, and technical services — testing
  • 541690 Other scientific and technical consulting services
  • 562910 Remediation services

PSC — product service codes

  • AH25 R&D: Air pollution operational systems development
  • AH26 R&D: Air pollution management and support
  • AH35 R&D: Water pollution operational systems development
  • AH56 R&D: Other pollution management and support
  • AH96 R&D: Other environmental protection management and support
  • F101 Air quality support services
  • F109 Leaking underground storage tank support services
  • F110 Development of environmental impact statements and assessments
  • R510 Environmental studies/assessments
  • R512 Environmental studies/impacts