Capabilities New

Environmental Compliance and Management Services

  • Conduct compliance audits – multimedia
  • Conduct greenhouse gases (GHG)/carbon footprint assessments
  • Conduct sustainability assessments
  • Conduct pollution prevention (P2) studies
  • Develop ISO 14001 EMS programs and provide training
  • Develop lean environmental management programs
  • Manage facility environmental compliance programs
  • Provide environmental permitting assistance (air, water, waste)
  • Provide forestry management services
  • Conduct underground injection control (UIC) and UST inspections

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation Services

  • Assess/delineate wetlands
  • Conduct environmental site assessments (Phase I and II ESAs)
  • Vapor intrusion assessments and system installation
  • Conduct brownfield redevelopment investigations
  • NEPA Assessments
  • Design/install remediation systems
  • Manage facility closures/demolitions
  • Manage RCRA remediation systems (O&M)
  • Provide wetlands monitoring/restoration services
  • Conduct natural/cultural resources investigations
  • Provide monitoring well abandonment services
  • Provide UST/AAST management services
  • PRP investigations
  • Conduct sediment sampling/analysis

Hazardous Waste Management Services

  • Perform waste sampling/characterization
  • Provide PCB assessment/management services
  • Provide used oil/waste oil management services
  • Develop waste management programs
  • Develop RCRA contingency plans/provide training
  • Manage waste container management programs
  • Manage waste transportation and disposal
  • Respond to emergencies

Health and Safety Services

  • Conduct compliance audits
  • Conduct ventilation studies and assessments
  • Conduct asbestos, mold, and lead-based paint surveys
  • Develop health and safety programs