Why "Global knowledge, local solutions®" is our trademark

AEM Group strongly believes in the use of global knowledge for developing sensible and cost-effective solutions using local resources and insight. Incorporating the latest technology with an understanding of local needs and resources is paramount to designing long lasting solutions.

Global knowledge

With the the know-how and experience to understand the needs of both communities and industries, AEM Group and its affiliates create cost-effective solutions to complex environmental issues.

Local solutions

The professionals at AEM Group take pride in listening to our clients in order to put together an action plan that accommodates our customers needs, using local resources when available, to provide practical and affordable means to achieve internationally recognized levels of environmental management and sustainability.

Bringing it all together

Over decades we have witnessed the rapid growth of complex environmental regulations and the increasing public desire for a safer, more sustainable environment. We have participated in the growth of environmental management technologies and the accelerating development of management and engineering insights. Our knowledge derives from extensive experience during this period in history. Practical application of that knowledge is a hallmark of our success. We make extensive use of modern-day global electronic resources to fulfill our customer’s needs and to live up to our promise of global knowledge, local solutions®.