AEM Group conducts multimedia (air, water, waste) environmental compliance audits; prepare air quality permit applications (NSR/PSD/Title V) and negotiate permit conditions with agencies; prepare NPDES permit applications for wastewater and stormwater management and prepare SWPPP; prepare annual environmental reports, prepare spill management plans (SPCC/PIPP/RCRA contingency); assist in developing ISO 14001 EMS programs; and provide environmental trainings.

♦ Permitting (air, water, waste)

♦ Multimedia (air, water, waste) compliance/assessments

♦ Pollution control technology assessments

♦ Solid and hazardous waste management

♦ EMS audits and program support

♦ NEPA evaluations

♦ TMDL sampling and development

♦ Spill plans (SPCC/SWPPP RCRA contingency)

Past performance in environmental compliance and permitting