AEM Group has the following position open at our office in Plymouth, MI

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Environmental Engineer/Geologist/Scientist position

Environmental Engineer, Geologist or Scientist is a full-time position to support assigned project managers, engineers, geologists, or other technical positions. They perform field investigation work in support of site assessment and remediation projects, assist in the preparation of draft Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment reports, participate in design, implementation and reporting for assessment and remediation projects and other related environmental projects. They also assist in the completion of data and literature review work for geologic and hydrogeologic characterization of sites for environmental media including air, groundwater, and surface water at hazardous waste and other environmental contamination sites.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Conduct environmental monitoring; including the collection of soil, surface water, sediment, groundwater and waste material samples.
  • Conduct environmental surveys pertaining to health and environmental hazards.
  • Perform emergency response activities.
  • Maintain sampling and monitoring equipment in operational condition.
  • Oversee subcontractor installation of test pits, soil borings, monitoring wells or excavation work. Install borings with hand auger or DPT (Direct Push Technology) equipment.
  • Perform maintenance and repair of remediation systems.
  • Prepare drafts of written reports, proposals, tables of data, CAD drawings, boring logs, and sampling forms for review by project manager.
  • Work with project and senior staff to develop an understanding of a project’s scope of work, schedule, and budget. Communicate with site supervisors and contacts to schedule work activities.
  • Complete deliverables and project responsibilities within scope, budget, and schedule, reviewing technical documents and reports for completeness and accuracy.
  • Follow technical guidance and policies of the department, regulatory agency, and the company.
  • Analyze technical problems; devise new or improved techniques, approaches, and alternative solutions; and communicate those to supervisor for approval and implementation.
  • Participate in scheduled team meetings and, as needed, project meetings.
  • Participate in civic and community events.
  • Seek opportunities for cross-selling of services to enhance and expand our existing client relationships during and after projects.


Minimum required qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Geology, or Environmental Science, or related field of expertise or equivalent experience.
  • 1 to 3 years of experience in environmental consulting; with demonstrated experience in the completion of site assessments, remediation, environmental audits, data interpretation, and report writing.
  • Technical report writing skills and a working knowledge of MI and EPA regulatory requirements that are applicable to each project assigned. Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office applications, AutoCAD, and ArcGIS.
  • OSHA Hazardous Site Operations Worker Training (1910.120).

A valid driver's license and clean driving record is required for this position.

AEM Group is an equal opportunity employer.

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